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The foundation for our locally-crafted artisanal kimchi and fermented foods is embedded in family love and determination to create a business that benefits the land and community.

By sourcing from our own farm and other local farms, we aim to make our community healthier without compromising the earth through our food products.

When our founder Monica Bogar’s son Maddox was born in 2011, she decided to turn her family’s Lahaina property into a sustainable organic urban farm. One of the biggest inspirations for her was to start a green business and stay home and raise her son.

Our founder decided to focus on vertical gardening and aquaponics, a sustainable hydroponics gardening system. These methods helped her grow more efficiently in small spaces beginning with microgreens. We were able to grow in a small area but still make the return. Our greenhouse was built in Bogar’s home. Because of our location, we were able to become really close with all of the chefs and food trucks and do business with them.

During that time, Bogar’s mom moved in with her. Making kimchi and then selling it at the farms market turned into a fun pastime for the mother-daughter duo. While she planned to build her business on the cold press juices she made with her microgreens. It was the kimchi that caught the community’s eye.

We are passionate about making sure that mindfulness and love are incorporated

when putting together our recipes. As we grow, we are committed to always create a product that doesn’t compromise our mission. We believe in high-vibrational foods. Knowing where our ingredients are coming from and how we are growing it —all that kind of conscious living is involved in how we make and distribute our products.

 Local + Home-grown Organic Ingredients


The majority of the ingredients in our recipes are sourced from the islands. While there are some spices that we don’t have here that need to be shipped in, we strive to source from Maui and locally from Hawaiʻi.

Unlike the traditional way of making kimchi in bulk, our kimchi is made from more intimate small batches. Our founder is even able to tell you where the cabbage comes from in every batch made. Each product is produced by hand and is crafted mindfully and with good intentions.


For our locally sourced products, particularly our cabbage, we hope to grow large enough that they become cash crops for our community where farmers will be guaranteed to have an entity to sell the amounts they grow. For our farms, we ensure everything we plant is sold before it is planted. This is an efficient way for us to reduce waste and maximize growth.

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