Our Story

Napili flo farm is located on the west side of Maui and was created in 2011 as an urban family farm, created for Monica Bogar (owner of Napili flo farm) that was born and raised in the same area and she is known for being a serial entrepreneur mom, farmer, owned numerous businesses, from restaurants to gift stores in Lahaina Front Street in the 90’s. Connecting with her moms culture and following the idea of making food with good and healthier intentions, she started to learn the techniques to know how to cook, harvest and create with the family recipes the highest quality and healthier products for the hawaiian community. 

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

Napili flo farm’s mission is to create the best Korean organic 100% local food products, being a huge supporter for other local regenerative organic and local farmers; honoring heritage cooking, and taking care of gut and mental health indirectly through their foods.

The majority of the ingredients in our recipes are sourced from the islands. Each product is produced by hand and is crafted mindfully and with good intentions. For our locally sourced products, we hope to grow large enough that they become cash crops for our community where farmers will be guaranteed to have an entity to sell the amounts they grow. For our farms, we ensure everything we plant is sold before it is planted. This is an efficient way for us to reduce waste and maximize growth.

 Local + Home-grown Organic Ingredients

To our community

We care about our people

The foundation for our locally-crafted artisanal kimchi and fermented foods is embedded in family love and determination to create a business that benefits the land and community.

We care about your health

We create organic food products with high quality ingredients and 100% local produce that helps to make healthy ono’ 

Our daily believing

Believing that embracing organics is a key to a simply healthy way of life, and that dealing fairly with people is the key to a healthier society.